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Is RaceDay Events a charity or a non-profit organization?
RaceDay Events is neither a charity nor a non-profit organization. RaceDay Events is a “for profit” event management company and our number one goal is to produce high quality road races. Our annual events include the LifeTime Fitness Commitment Day 5K, Mardi Gras 5K, Cinco de Mayo 5-Qué, Ward Parkway Four on the Fourth, Bison 50, Gobbler Grind, Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5K and Westport Santa Dash.

Do you help a charity or cause?
Yes, we do. We spread the word about the amazing work that our friends at local Kansas City organizations do. Between our annual races we benefit the Supporting Kids Foundation, SocialHeart, Guadalupe Centers, Shriners Hospitals for Children, The Make it Count Spencer C. Duncan Project Fund, Harvesters: the Community Food Network and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City. We want to help shine light on important issues in our community. We hope our runners will spend time on the website of our partner charities, join mailing lists, attend other events hosted by the charity and become an advocate for these causes. We give our charity partners a microphone to speak to thousands of good hearted people.

Do you also donate money to charity?
RaceDay Events has donated more than $80,000 to charity since their founding in 2000. Each charity’s needs are a little different, and as a result each of our charity partners ask for our help in different ways. Here are a few ways RaceDay Events helps raise funds for our charity partners:

1) Post Race Donation. This is where we make a financial donation to our charity partner. This set amount is determined in communication with the charity and depends on the level of involvement/volunteers provided by the charity.

2) Embedded Giving. We provide our runners the opportunity to add a donation that goes directly to the charity during the registration process. Our charities are constantly overwhelmed by the kindness of our runners.

3) Charity Registrations. We provide the partner charity a limited number of charity registrations. The charity sells these registrations through their own website and keeps 100% of the listed price of the registration.

Is my registration fee tax deductible?
No. Your registration is not tax deductible. The only tax deductible portion would be if you made an additional donation directly to the charity during the registration process or bought the registration directly through the charity.

I work for an awesome charity! How can we be part of this?
We love charity suggestions! Please email us at with a short description of what your charity is all about!